Field of Stones

The Beauchamp Chronicles


When Daniel Beauchamp took the daming letter, it was a mistake but when he gave it away, it was treason.

The letter proves the British Government's duplicity and no reason on earth can justify his actions, which is why he has sworn to retrieve it or die trying.

Unaware that others are also chasing what has become known as the Windsor Memorandum, Daniel and Matilda Adams have tricked their way onto a newly built ship by posing as brothers. They believe the vessel will take them to Nassau from where they plan to sail to Washington and stop Pinkerton's agent, Garrett Lane, before he can deliver the letter to his masters.

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Except their ship is a lie and Mattie has been keeping a secret of her own.  Daniel has to overcome his feelings of betrayal and survive the treacherous seas if he is to continue his quest.  But when he and Mattie reach New Orleans, Daniel is denounced by an implacable enemy and she is deported under escort to the Federal capital. Daniel must find a way to escape the hangman's noose and rescue Mattie.

When help comes from an unexpected quarter, Daniel and Mattie are destined to meet again and all that stands between them is a country at war with itself.

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