Literary Locations                                            
...... where Keeping Dixie unfolds
We thought you'd like to take a look at some of the actual places in the UK which helped sculpt the action in Keeping Dixie.  Whether it's a historical trip to Limehouse in London, up through Derbyshire, into Cheshire or a breezy day on Liverpool's shores, you'll be able to follow the trail of some of the book's main players - if you go and visit in person, you may even be able to get yourself lunch and a pint of the landlord's best bitter, though sadly no longer any Jacky Water!

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The map is interactive - so click on it to take a look around
The map shows the Limehouse area of East London as it is today.
Daniel's  "Horseferry Branch Road" is now "Branch Road", with the old "Queen Street" renamed as "Horseferry Road".

Merryweather Fire Engine             
[Fetch the Merryweather! .... and pray God we're not too late.] 
Thanks to the National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield